Save space. Save time. Save money.


HONBLUE can convert your large format documents into secure digital files for easy online or cloud based access. We’ll even index them so you can easily find exactly what you’re searching for. We’ll oversee the entire process, and set you up with an online document management system for quick and easy access to your archive. HONBLUE has the knowledge and experience to help you better manage your information. Your files anytime, from anywhere.

Why You Should Scan Your Documents:

  1. It helps prevent your documents from getting lost or damaged over time.

  2. They can be stored safely on DVDs, flash drives, or even securely online.

  3. Reduced storage costs! No more renting offsite space!

  4. Easy to access documents means increased productivity!

So reclaim your office space. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and costs of rented storage units. Stop digging through those dusty boxes. Instead, burn those documents to disk, or save them to the cloud. And you can enjoy a more productive world where your archived plans are just a few clicks away.