Melissa Blake of Blake Entertainment on BrueTalk

Melissa Blake has (huge) sweet tooth. She’s also addicted to coffee mochas, she confesses.

When you’re the owner of an event planning company, you’re entitled to an indulgence now and then. Melissa runs Blake Entertainment, a dynamic organization that plans and coordinates events for a diverse range of clients, including non-profits, local business networking groups, and corporate entities.

People might think that the life of an event planner is a glamorous one, but Melissa is quick to dispel that myth. “On any given day, I go from slippers to work out shorts and set-up clothes, to high heels, back into slippers. I’ll start the day with huge installations and end the day with taking out the trash.”

With such an unpredictable schedule, it’s good to have reliable allies on your side. “We love HONBLUE and JET Graphics. They will never say ‘no!'” she says with a chuckle. When Melissa needs help with an upcoming project, no matter how close the deadline, JET Graphics will sit down with her and help nurture the idea into reality.

Among the projects that Melissa has had JET Graphics produce were a custom step and repeat wall that was 8 feet high and 40 feet long, for an event hosted by the Howard Hughes Corporation. JET Graphics has also produced giant graphics for themed events, constructed inventive props and gadgets, wrapped furniture, windows, and a range of graphics and installations, large and small. “We’ve had them do all kinds of crazy things,” she says. “Every single time it’s always a perfect installation.”

You know what else was perfect? Her mocha. “It’s quite delicious. Very sweet. My sweet tooth is happy.”

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