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Terms and Conditions


Acceptance and approval of a HONBLUE Estimate is your agreement to the following terms and conditions; from submission of job to delivery and payment.


Your estimate has an expiration of 30 days. This is due to possible fluctuations in material costs and availability; AND possible changes in equipment and/or processes. If your project is approved and files are submitted after 30 days from the estimate date, have your sales rep or customer service person recalculate the estimate in case something has changed. Your estimate doesn’t include any applicable taxes unless specified.


If paper (or other material) is not available when you submit your job, you’ll have a few choices:

  1. Wait for the local distributor to receive more paper.
  2. Use a substitute stock. We will re-estimate your job and the price will go up or down accordingly.
  3. Arrange for expedited shipping, for which we’ll estimate the additional cost.


We strive to meet everyone’s requested due dates no matter how crazy. Sometimes we can expedite or rearrange production processes to compress the schedule. Sometimes due to complexity or material limitations we may not be able to. If you’ve got a hard deadline (event, mailing, etc.) please contact us to obtain a schedule that shows when files are due and when your proof needs final approval to allow enough time for printing/finishing to hit your deadline. All schedules and promised delivery date are dependent on our current production capacity.


Unless otherwise indicated, your estimate includes one delivery in the Honolulu Business District. This delivery assumes boxes secured on a dolly or pallet to ground floor only. Upper-floor deliveries require an elevator. Delivery via stairs will incur an additional charge. If you ask for a partial delivery prior to the original delivery date, you can expect an additional charge for the additional delivery and possibly for starting and stopping any equipment/process not accounted for in your original estimate.


Third-party shipping and postage estimates are just that – good faith estimates. Your final price for will be based on actual shipping charges or postage.


Due to the living process of printing which includes multiple linear equipment runs, there’s always a possibility of a slight shortage (up to 3%) from the requested quantity. Not to worry, we will only invoice for the actual quantity delivered based on the original estimated unit cost.


Unless prior arrangement has been made to extend credit via HONBLUE, a deposit of one half of the estimated price will be needed, then the other half upon the day prior to delivery. If the invoice will be made to your HONBLUE account, we’ll be expecting payment within thirty days. Non-payers will be subject to a 1% interest fee on any outstanding balance. To apply for credit terms, go to

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